Going to the Theatre

I haven’t been to the Theatre in years. It used to be a regular part of our social life before we had children and we haven’t really got back into the habit. However, friends who live nearer to London than we do suggested a trip into the City to watch a musical, after a perusal of what was on we picked Kinky Boots – I had seen the film and loved it, none of the others had, anyway, matinee picked and tickets bought off we went.

What a show – lively, emotional, energetic, fantastic cast, great set design. We had a thoroughly enjoyable time and we found a fantastic little pub next door – not a lot of room inside, but very friendly. When we came out we wandered off to Covent Garden and ‘oohed and ahhhed’ at the Christmas lights. I would highly recommend this show.

I loved it, despite my hate of London, and inspired by all the posters on the tube of all the other shows on in London I picked out another one to go to after Christmas. I picked Miss Saigon. It was closing and moving to Broadway and I wanted to see it. I already knew the music, but didn’t really ‘know’ the story. OH’s didn’t want to see this so Dee and I went on our own. I drove to Luton sans Sat Nav and didn’t get lost, then we were dropped at the station and off we went!

Again we found a pub next to the theatre and treated ourselves to a non healthy meal and drinks before heading in. The show was a bit of an eye opener and perhaps I am overthinking it a bit when I wonder how the Americans will take to it. I think perhaps they might find it a bit close to the bone when it comes to the children left behind.

Again, I loved the show, I am thrilled I got to see it before it closed.  We headed up to the Haymarket and ended up in Cafe Concerto – an afternoon tea for one shared by two and a cup of tea and a glass of delicious Merlot later (Dee not me, I was driving) and suitably refreshed we headed for St Pancras.

My memories of the Underground are tainted by my childhood, but it is very much improved, bright, clean, helpful staff (don’t keep your ticket with your mobile!) we were soon at St Pancras and we wandered around the shops while waiting for our 7pm train. I love the pianos placed for people to play and indeed some one was while we were there, hesitantly, but playing nonetheless.

The only thing that stops me from going more frequently is the cost. The tickets, even on offer and a matinee performance were nearly £30, the train was £22, and that doesn’t include diesel or food and drink. I reckon I spent almost £80. That is a lot of money even though the Musical was brilliant (I loved the kid who played Tam, very cute!) and funny and sad, I don’t know that I would invest that amount of money again so quickly. Which is a shame.

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