Meeting the real Little Mermaid

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When I was a child, one of my favourite films was the Life of Hans Christian Anderson with Danny Kaye, as I grew up I knew that one of the things I wanted to see in real life was the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.


So, when friends suggested a trip to Copenhagen I was keen to go. We got the flights via Ryan Air ridiculously cheaply, we booked some overnight accommodation in the City Centre and ordered our Krone!

Our flight left London Luton  (how ridiculous, calling Luton Airport “London”) on time, and arrived in Copenhagen at about 10.30 local time.  We used the easy to use ticket machines and got the train into the Central Station, and found it not only ran to time, but that railway worker we asked was keen to assist us and make sure we were on the right train.

Our hotel we knew was only minutes from the station, and as we were stood on the corner orienting ourselves with our map, so we could find said hotel, we were asked by a Danish man if we needed any help, declining politely, we wandered off in the direction of the hotel.

On arrival at the hotel, well before the 3pm check in time, we were greeted courteously and our booking hiccup was sorted out quickly with complimentary tea and coffee while we waited.  Not only that, our rooms were upgraded, one was already free and we could dump our stuff now rather than wait until 3pm – bonus! We stayed at Urban House and I would heartily recommend them!

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We decided to use the Hop On Hop Off bus and again staff were very friendly, it was very close to the hotel, and reasonably priced. It not being peak season only two of the circuits were running, but not a problem. We used this trip to get our bearings and I got my first glimpse of the Little Mermaid. We decided to use this as well as Shank’s Pony (walking) to get around. There is some stunning architecture in Copenhagen, both old and new.

After a very long day, we chose to eat at the Hard Rock cafe (our friends are regulars) and we enjoyed a very happy ‘Happy Hour’ and a lovely meal. Be warned though, alcohol is expensive!

Next day we wanted to see the multicoloured houses, have a proper Danish Pastry and go to the Carlsberg visitor exhibit. We ticked all three things off, but we were disappointed with the Carlsberg visit. A lovely  chatty taxi driver said a good time to visit is in May when the gardens are in flower and the weather is warm. In the height of summer it can get very humid apparently.

Images from the trip can only give a flavour of what was a wonderful City Break, everyone we came across was friendly and welcoming, the City is easy to navigate, bikes are everywhere!

My one disappointment was that the Tivoli gardens weren’t open. They open in April. I guess I will just have to go back!

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  1. Urban House says:

    Thanks you for recommending us & for the link 👊


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