The Week of The wedding

You may remember that my eldest son was getting married this year. I wrote about it here. So I thought I would update you on the wedding and the week of the run up, which was entirely uneventful as far as the bride and groom were concerned (so far as I know) but in our house? well, not quite so smoothly!

Monday, message from the bride – she has just passed her driving test first time! Clever girl.

Tuesday, a lovely day with future daughter in law getting our nails done and then out to lunch with bride and groom. All going well their end and no nerves.

My phone is going nuts with whatsapp notifications from my sister in law in France.

We are expecting Mr. Nige’s sister and her daughter on the Thursday before the wedding to fly in from France. Whatsapp messages requesting nail appointments and details of dress shops for teen daughter are flying around and appointment made for Saturday as daughter needs to go dress shopping. This then changes. Dress ordered online. Nail appointment changed from Saturday morning to Friday now shopping not required – phew.

Wednesday, my washing machine died. Timing or what? a simple request to Mr Nige to look for a new one online for delivery asap ended up as an hour long discussion on what machine I wanted and comparisons on costs etc. Just get a machine already!! Decision made, machine bought and due for delivery on Friday – between 2pm and 9pm – we are supposed to be at the venue then to assist bride and groom set up. Quick conversation with sister in law, and she will wait in for machine – result! While online a question about confetti – does the venue allow it? Phonecall to venue – yes biodegradeable only. Contact Groom – are they doing confetti for the guests? No. Mr online expert is put on the case, and assures me confetti will arrive on time.

Thursday, Sister in law and niece arrive from France. Niece does NOT like the dress. We all think it looks lovely. I go to get a shawl which will set it off lovely and break a nail.  Disaster!! Facebook message to my fabulous nail lady (at 9pm at night) who messages me straight back and  fits me in Friday afternoon. Which is fab, but mucks up all our plans to go to Leicester for 1pm and pick up Mr N’s Aunty from the railway station. Decision made to go in two cars, and I will follow on. I suddenly realise I haven’t bought a wedding card for the happy couple.

Friday, the weather today is glorious. I hope it holds for tomorrow. I shoot out to Asda to buy a card, and sister in law and niece nip into town to shop before going for nail appointment. I am stood in Asda looking at cards, and inexplicably burst into tears. Pull myself together, buy a card, and sob again at the till – that poor young man on the till really didn’t need to see that. I get out of the shop to find a message from my nail lady to say to come in sooner. I rang Mr N who was starting to get tetchy and that he wanted to leave at 12 to get to Leicester for 1. Got to nail lady and dissolved again. What was wrong with me? Nail repaired, back home, we both left a tad after 12 to get to  Leicester. Trying to navigate to somewhere you don’t know with a tetchy partner is not a recipe for calm.

Aunt collected (eventually) and we made our way to the hotel. It was lovely, a bit of a mix up at the desk where they thought Mr N was married to his Aunt, but all sorted out. Our room was fabulous. Bride and Groom arrived, and the rooms set up as they wanted. We stayed at the hotel that night and met up with other family and friends who were also stopping overnight.

The Wedding Day – was fabulous. The Bride was gorgeous, the Groom handsome, the Best Men did a wonderful job. The hotel staff commented that it was a very relaxed affair and indeed everyone seemed to get on very well. The disco in the evening kept everyone dancing from start to finish. The newly weds tell me that the day was everything they wanted and for that I am grateful. Their hard work and planning all came off.



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