Lucky and Tinca go Motorhoming

We love our Motorhome, and so it was essential to us that our dogs would enjoy it too.
We started out by introducing them to the inside of the Motorhome while it was on the drive, we had put covers on the benches, and allowed them to get up on them and look out of the windows and to have a good sniff around.


So far they have been in the Motorhome just twice last year (a weekend away) when we used the awning, and three times this year without the awning, although that will change next time out, and as we have a lot of rallies booked this year of varying lengths, we are sure they will be completely used to it by the time the year ends. This is all in preparation for a trip abroad next year in the MH.

It is important to us that the dogs do not just escape through the habitation door (the one on the side) as soon as it is opened, and so we are training them to ‘wait’ and to ‘stay’ whenever this door is open and that they are only allowed out when they are called. This is progressing well, and we can now have the door open with just the flyscreen across. We can be outside and the dogs inside, so long as they can see us, all is well. So far, they don’t even realise they can get out of the cabin doors!

The dogs sleep at night in their fabric crate, although we are hoping to swap this soon for a normal dog bed, as it will take up less space, we don’t have a door between them and our bed, and as we don’t want them on the bed (not a problem in the day, but if one of us goes to bed unwell, they are up there like a shot!) this is something we have to keep working on.

When outside of the Motorhome, they would normally be tethered, as we are usually on a rally somewhere, and I don’t like using windbreaks (although I know others do). We have yet to try them in the awning this year, and it will be interesting to see how they react to it.

Travelling with the dogs means that we have to take some of their equipment with us. We travel with enough food (we use Charlie Little dried and wet food) and they have bowls which are left in the MH so I don’t forget them! I am also going to buy a duplicate grooming kit to leave in the MH so I am not carrying that back and forth as well. A good brush, comb, nail trimmer and tick remover (just in case). We use long lines of 5m and 10m as well as short leads, so that they can have a run about even if they have to be kept on a lead. Luckily, their recall is excellent and I reinforce this element of their training regularly.  Poo bags – every pocket has poo bags, and this is no different in the MH, I always carry loads of them. We also take our Dickie Bag with us. It makes walking with a full bag much nicer! and we dispose of our bags appropriately. Towels for drying off wet dogs, towels for wiping the floor (carpets have been taken out!), and make sure they shake OUTSIDE the MH not inside!


I love cuddling up with them in the evenings, and they love looking out of the window to see what is going on. We haven’t had any problems with barking at people going past, and if we go out, we normally take them with us. Although we have been known to nip to a friends caravan for a small drink or too, and we don’t hear them bark at all.

It would appear that our dogs are very versatile and we love taking them with us. It is a conversation starter for people we meet on sites, and a way of making sure we get out and walk each day in different countryside

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