In which Lucky goes to the Rainbow Bridge.



The day had started out so well. We were away in the Motorhome, and settled on a rally field. OH had gone out with a friend and I was walking the dogs. They had to be on the lead for the bit round the fishing lake, but then I found a field where they could be off the lead and have a bit of a chase about. We continued round the lake and onto a public footpath. Lucky and Tinca both went up the side of a bridge on a very narrow and steep path, and as I saw them go up I called them back. Tinca came falling down the slope and came running towards me on her knees, and Lucky who was usually first back was nowhere to be seen. I grabbed Tinca, put her on a lead and tied her to a tree and ran or more accurately scrambled up the slope to find Lucky dead at the side of the road.

She must have just stuck her head out and been clipped. I was seconds behind her and it was instant. She wasn’t mangled thankfully. A driver behind the car that hit her had stopped and she found Lucky just after I arrived, thank you for stopping. I don’t think the driver of the car that hit her knew they had done so. This is what I choose to believe.

I carried Lucky back to our MH and with the help of friends took both dogs to a local vet, Lucky was confirmed dead and Tinca checked over (no damage). The veterinary practice was so kind to me. I left Lucky there to be cremated in the jumper I had carried her in.

Tinca was initially very confused, and because we were on a rally there were other dogs to distract her. She has only been on her own for 2 weeks in all of her young life to date, and it was rapidly becoming obvious to us that she needed a companion and soon.
The rescue we got Lucky from didn’t have anything suitable. What to do? On arrival home, Tinca laid on the sofa with her head on her paws and looked bereft. Grief in an animal is so hard to watch. You cannot explain as you would to a human.

Every night I go to sleep I see Lucky in my mind’s eye. I miss her singing to me in the mornings and when I come in from being out of the house or even just away from her. I am struggling to forgive myself for letting them off the lead to have a run. I just never imagined that they would go up the bank. I miss her curiosity, her wagging flag of a tail and her helping me to work by sitting on my lap. I miss watching her and Tinca zoom around the garden, with Lucky miles ahead and Tinca waiting to catch her on the way back. I miss her crooked smile, the way her head tilted, the gentle tap with her nose on my nose to give me a kiss, the tricks she had learned to do at training, and her barking while she was sorting out the pigeons in the back garden.

A one off, a unique little girl, we never did get around to DNA testing to try to establish exactly what sort of breeds she had in her, latest guesses included Pekinese, Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Italian Greyhound. But who really knows? She was just her, and we love and miss her very much. RIP Lucky, we will find you at the Bridge.


She loved to run!


Sometimes she flew too!


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