About Me and My Blog

I grew up in an era where computers came into School just as I was leaving, they took up a whole room, and only the Mathematicians and Scientist were allowed to go near them.

I have always loved to read and if a book ‘grabs’ me, then I will read until I have finished it. I have recently started to add reviews of books to this site. They will be honest and be both books I have bought and been given.

I like writing and blogging is a way for me to express my thoughts, some are insightful, some aren’t!

I have been married for over 30 years and have two wonderful sons who are now in their twenties.

I recently took up photography, did an evening course, then did an AS level exam  (I got a B!! Imagine that!) joined a camera club,  and am slowly improving.

We have a motorhome, and follow ‘our’ football team (AFC Bournemouth ) home and away.

I have lived with depression on and off for the last forty odd years. I like to think that I know a little about a lot, when in reality I probably know a lot about a little or nothing!

Oh, and this is me……

C'est moi!

C’est moi!


12 Responses to About Me and My Blog

  1. ddLynn says:

    So glad you stumbled onto and commented on my blog. I have now purposely stumbled into yours and found some like thoughts and life similarities. I’m on the cusp of 50. Next week to be exact. I have double the amount of sons. All in their twenties with the oldest turning 30 this year. I, too, like your last post, am de-cluttering for some of the same reason. My mom passed away last August and it gave me though to what I’d be leaving behind for my kids to sort through. Plus, we are often so held back with doing this because we have things…too many things! I, too, deal with a bit of depression. Mine spurred on by chronic, everyday pain. Staying fit has been the only thing I have had control over the past few years. And though it is difficult given the pain, it is the only thing that keeps me “sane” and still feel I am capable of something. I look forward to seeing where your life progresses after the sorting and pitching are complete…but then, in today’s society, is it EvEr complete?


  2. I too am over 50 (shush don’t tell anyone) I like your blog I still haven’t found what I really want to write about.


  3. Helen says:


    Decided to join you – I am going to try and blog for 2015….


  4. lizziemoto says:

    Hello! Thank you for following my Blog – nice to meet you! We seem to have somethings in common, two sons – both giving us a grandchild this year! – a Motorhome and I too am a keen photographer. I’ve been a camera club member for years but as we have recently moved house, will need to find a new one to join.


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