I love reading. I have always had a book on the go, sometimes more than one and my children and husband will testify that if I am engrossed in a book then they have to fend for themselves. Dinner time? pah! Sleep ? For wimps, I can catch up on sleep!

I jumped at an offer on Twitter from one of the people who I follow for a proof copy of her next book and to take part in her blog tour. Blog Tour? what is that? What have I let myself in for? Who cares? books to read! Count me in! so I decided to have a practise at reviewing books and wrote a couple of blog posts on a couple of books, while I waited to receive the book. Then I saw an offer for another one, and another one! There is nothing, nothing, more exciting than receiving a book through the post. Especially one by an author I haven’t read before, or a genre I wouldn’t normally buy.

Well, time to get serious. I have added this section to my blog. Book Reviews. If you would like me to review a book then please contact me:

or Twitter (@Mrsnige) and I will be with you as soon as possible.

All book reviews will state if I have purchased the book myself, or if I have been sent one for review purposes.

Dip in, and enjoy.


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